Maybe it's YouTube, maybe it's robust dental plans in recent CBAs, or maybe it's that being a pest is safer and more lucrative than being a fighter these days. But biting in the NHL has become a thing. The details of the latest incident are to be hashed out at a league disciplinary hearing, but Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski is accused of biting the forearm of Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty in a scrum when their teams met Saturday night. [Update on this: After his hearing, the NHL announced Grabovsky will not be disciplined.] Whether biting is ever cool is a matter of situational opinion, and probably depends on your sympathy for Grabovski as Pacioretty appeared to try to dislodge Grabovski's head from his No. 84 Maple Leafs jersey, attached torso be damned. It's a good bet that the proper answer is "Never, ever bite," but if there's a situation where it's at least understandable, it's when an opponent has all but given you the opening by stuffing your face with their hand. Which brings us to the history of biting incidents in the NHL.