As birthday “surprises” go it wasn’t anywhere near the top of Frank Bush’s list. On Jan. 10, Bush turned 50, and was shown the door – fired as linebackers coach of the Tennessee Titans. “They said it was all downhill at 50 — and they were right,” Bush said, laughing. But Bush always had wanted to work again with Jeff Fisher, and about 2½ weeks later he got that chance as the Rams’ new linebackers coach. He replaces Blake Williams, whose contract was not renewed following one season with the club. “Before Jeff had even left Tennessee, he and I had talked about me coming up to Tennessee,” Bush said Thursday at Rams Park. “Of course things didn’t work out. He took some time off. And then I get fired and they had their situation with Blake . . . and then it just worked itself out.” So here he is. Although Bush’s hiring wasn’t announced until a few days later, he arrived at Rams Park on Jan. 25 to finalize things. Guess who was the first guy Bush saw when he arrived on the 25th? Yep. Middle linebacker James Laurinaitis. “I flew in, they dropped me off, I go upstairs, and – bam – there he was,” Bush said. Bush actually has known of Laurinaitis for some time.