As the Oakland Raiders continue to try and figure out where they will play in 2019, a city councilor from Birmingham, Ala. has offered what he believes is a potential solution.

Birmingham City Councilor William Parker thinks the Raiders coming to his city is “a great marriage waiting to happen,” per Howard Koplowitz of

Parker also took a moment to take a shot at the people in the Bay Area.

“The fans in Alabama love football. Obviously, the people in San Francisco and Oakland don’t want them and there’s a fan base here for the Raiders,” Parker said, adding that he “got calls from a lot of citizens saying they’ve been Raiders fans since they were kids.”

The AAF’s Birmingham Iron are playing at Legion Field this year (and are off to a strong start this Sunday). Parker believes the stadium would also be a strong fit for the Raiders as they await their stadium in Las Vegas — set to open in 2020.