Porter Fischer the former Biogenesis employee who first turned over his records to the Miami New Times and in doing so exposed the scandal that has ensnared Alex Rodriguez Ryan Braun and others isn't happy about MLB's courtroom tactics. MLB wants all of Fischer's records and MLB's attorneys have pressed an emergency court order claiming Fischer has failed to respond to repeated requests. For his part Fischer says he merely needs time to understand the requests and obtain legal representation. "This isn't right. Why am I being bullied like this?" Fischer asked outside a Miami-Dade courthouse (source: Outside the Lines). "Major League Baseball is the bad guy here not me. You wouldn't be here [with players suspended] if not for me. And this is my cupcake? This is my thank you?" Why is MLB playing hardball with Fischer? Mike Fish of OTL writes: Fischer is believed to possess the most extensive set of Biogenesis documents though he says he previously provided a similar set to a friend which he suspects were passed on to Rodriguez the embattled Yankees slugger. Fischer contends to have more detailed documents than Bosch. Fischer acknowledges there is a possibility the documents contain names not previously raised by MLB as well as a smattering of athletes from other sports who dealt with Bosch and his South Florida clinics. ... MLB has asked for an exhaustive list of items it believes Fischer is in possession of such as all documents associated with Biogenesis and Biokem -- Bosch's two most recent clinics -- clinic and personal financial records his correspondence with clinic associates and personal and professional email exchanges with a Miami New Times reporter.