The Bills can spin it any way they choose, but they were asking for problems last week when acquiring Mike Williams from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It seems only a matter of time before the talented wide receiver from Riverside High and Syracuse finds trouble again. Williams was obtained for a sixth-round pick, which ever-optimistic Bills fans viewed as a bargain for a player of his caliber. The deal does look like a steal ... for the Bucs. They shopped him across the NFL and considered waiving him before dumping the remainder of his six-year, $40.25 million contract. New Bucs coach Lovie Smith, a respected NFL voice and class act, made it clear that Tampa Bay had no room for players such as Williams. They effectively ridded themselves of a headache and created some cap space in the process. All in all, it was a good move for Tampa Bay. “There's a pattern here and it's disturbing,” Smith told the Tampa Bay Times during the NFL Combine. “No one is bigger than this football team. He has to understand that. Have I been disappointed in Mike Williams? Of course. There's a standard. We're just not going to put up with it, no matter who it is.” Yeah, you say, but he can play. In fact, his ability has never been the issue. By now, you have heard about Williams' act off the field. He's facing criminal mischief and trespassing charges after knocking a door of his girlfriend's home off its hinges. The charges could be dropped if he completes an intervention program, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. At times, he's come off the hinges. An insurance company accused him of negligence over a kitchen fire in a rented home, where the Times reported police responded to five 911 calls between June and September. That problem appeared to disappear when he wrote a $995,000 check two weeks ago to purchase the house, complete with stripper pole.