The Buffalo Bills are laser-focused on taking down the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round playoffs on Sunday, January 23, and quarterback Josh Allen is not wasting his energy thinking about anything else.

While appearing on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday, Allen was asked about how feels about “the lack of respect for the Buffalo Bills” from the league, and more specifically, how few players from the team were selected for the Pro Bowl this year, including him.

Allen said, “I mean I think as men, right, we want respect. I think that’s something that’s just in nature. We want the respect that we deserve. but at the same, I could give two s**** about all that.”

“I am just focused on being the best quarterback for this team, the best teammate I can be, and trying to win football games for this team.

“But again, Our defense, yea. no pro bowlers? And they’re No.1 statistically in every other category. It’s a little mind-boggling. And all of sudden you see po [Jordan Poyer and Micah [Hyde] being all-pro guys. It doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.