There are two links between college basketball and the NBA: the NBA Draft and college players' eligibility for that draft. Few things have been more consistently/furiously debated in basketball over the past decade like the one-and-done stipulation. While the NCAA was erroneously targeted in the primitive years of the rule, it's always been an NBA-mandated commandment, something put in place and agreed upon by the NBA and the NBA Players Association. The league and its players want to keep 18-year-olds out of the pros, and it's going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Anyone bent on the fact that kids with all-world basketball talent coming out of high school can't capitalize immediately on that talent within weeks -- even days -- of their high school graduation, well you have the helpless right to remain annoyed. On Wednesday, the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) -- which always deals with the age minimum, among many things -- was rubber-stamped. Here's the news: college hoops will remain a one-and-done sport. (And that's not a bad thing; more on that below.)