There was no time to think. Only time to act. One phone call had changed everything. And now, Lindsey and Stephen Hauschka were in a race against time — and their baby’s expected due date. With bags packed, the young couple arrived at the airport eager to start planning their new life, and their baby’s arrival, across the country. But Mother Nature had intervened: Winter Storm Stella was in the process of battering the Buffalo Niagara region, and beyond, with blizzard-like conditions and excessive snowfall. “We went to the airport. Found out our flight got canceled. And then we had to come home,” Lindsey Hauschka said, somewhat amused at being five months pregnant during their failed attempt to fly to Buffalo this past March. “So we were just sitting in our offseason house in California, just looking at (the real estate website) Zillow, trying to see the houses we wanted to look at while we were there and just trying to get a feel for the whole city,” she said over the phone, as their son, Jones, now eight weeks old, cooed in the background. “It was just a whirlwind.” The couple now can see the humor in it all — the unpredictability of NFL life, the stress of moving 2,600 miles to a city neither of them had ever lived in, and the anxiety of being soon-to-be first-time parents. But changing teams and cities has proved to be just what the Hauschkas needed. A leap of faith brought them to an organization in search of a new identity and a reliable kicker. And, so far, the former Seattle Seahawk has shown himself to be the Bills’ best free-agent signing.