Fourteen years ago, the New York Giants traded the No. 4 overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, their third-round pick, and first-round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft for the rights to Eli Manning, who the Los Angeles Chargers selected at No. 1 overall. Fourteen years later, the Giants could be back in on this draft's blockbuster deal, only this time, they could be on the other side of it. Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting and The Sporting News believes the Buffalo Bills have been aggressively scouting UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen for quite some time and they love what they see. Rosen is widely viewed as one of the top two quarterback prospects in this draft class. In order for the Bills to acquire Rosen, they will have to trade up in the 2018 NFL Draft to either the No. 1 or No. 2 in the draft. The Cleveland Browns hold the No. 1 pick and a report leaked that their current general manager John Dorsey is not interested in drafting Rosen, although he has since denied the report. Most expect the Browns to select USC quarterback Sam Darnold. Galko believes it makes the most sense for the Bills to target the Giants' No. 2 overall pick in a trade because Bills management has ties to Giants general manager Dave Gettleman. “They have aggressively scouting quarterbacks all year long. I think Josh Rosen is the apple of their eye. It’ll be hard to go up and get him, but I think the tie between Buffalo and Giants GM David Gettleman kind of paints a picture of where they both might be thinking to go,” Galko told WGR 500, via GiantsWire. “The Bills have been stock piling assets. One reason to do that is to make a move to get a quarterback. Whether it’s moving up in draft, trading to get a guy like Nick Foles, or to just take multiple quarterbacks in this draft. They knew that we’re a playoff team, to get to that next step we need a franchise quarterback, and they don’t believe Tyrod Taylor or Nathan Peterman are those guys.” The Bills hold the No. 21 and No. 22 overall picks in this draft. According to the NFL's classic trade value chart, both of those picks would not be enough to move up to the No. 2 overall pick. Per the chart, the Giants' pick holds a value of "2,600" while the Bills' two picks hold values of "800 and "700." In order for the Bills to move up to the No. 2 pick, they would have to sweeten the deal with their second-round pick (No. 53 overall with a "370" value) and likely more than that.