Last year the Buffalo Bills helped facilitate a massive move up the draft board by the Chiefs to grab Patrick Mahomes, which resulted in the Bills picking up a second first-round pick for the 2018 NFL Draft. Now they might be interested in using that pick to make their own drastic move up the draft board. That's the early smoke from NFL Draft Rumor SZN right now anyway. Peter King of broke down how he believes the QB-needy teams will handle their business and who they will land. When it came to the Bills, he saw Buffalo coming away with UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen. Rosen probably won't be available at No. 21 overall (bold take, I know), but King sees them landing him at No. 5 overall. Which means we get a trade! In this case, it's with the Broncos and it involves swapping a lot of picks. "If Denver gets Cousins, I could see [VP John] Elway dealing his one [fifth overall] for Buffalo's two first-round picks [21, 22] and another high pick this year or next -- I could see Tampa Bay, Chicago, Oakland and San Francisco at seven through 10 in round one doing the same -- to allow Buffalo to jump up and get a good quarterback prospect," King writes. The draft trade value chart for NFL picks says the Broncos pick is worth 1,700 points, while the two picks from Buffalo are worth a total of 1,580 points. So we're not far off there. The Bills could package their two picks for anything after No. 7 overall and they would be overpaying based on the traditional chart. Don't get hung up on the specific value here: The point is there's a deal that can be made given the value of No. 21 and No. 22 against something like No. 5 or No. 7. The Bills have the ammo to come up and get a quarterback if someone falls.