The push for Johnny Manziel to remain a football player in the state of Texas is officially in full swing. The Houston Texans have the first pick of this year’s NFL Draft and are in need of a quarterback. While they are on the clock, the Texans have not hinted at what direction they will go. According to Anthony Andro of Fox Sports Southwest, Texas A&M regent Tony Buzbee has launched a website,, promoting Manziel to the Texans and has a billboard pushing the same message in Houston that reads, “Keep Johnny Manziel in Texas!” The corresponding Facebook page has reached over 1,700 likes and a petition on the site has 400 signatures. “If the Texans use their number one pick on Johnny, we will once again have hopes of Super Bowl glory,” the site reads. “If you’re a Texans fan, and you want to see Johnny Manziel in a Texans uniform, show your support by liking our Facebook page. Let’s show Bob McNair just how much we want and NEED Johnny Football.”