Bill Polian is a Hall of Fame General Manager, but as an ESPN analyst he’s struggling to get his stories straight. Polian says the Eagles should turn down anything but a monster trade offer for backup quarterback Nick Foles. According to Polian, a reliable backup like Foles is so valuable that the Eagles shouldn’t even listen to a trade offer of anything less than two first-round picks and two second-round picks. So we’re all clear on this: Polian thinks a backup quarterback is an incredibly valuable asset to a football team. He would never pass up a chance to pair a good backup like Foles with a good starter like Carson Wentz. Except that’s exactly what Polian has previously claimed he did. Polian has said in the past that in the 2000 NFL draft, when he was General Manager of the Colts, he had a first-round grade on Tom Brady. So why, when Polian had a first-round grade on Brady, did he pass on Brady multiple times? After all, in the fifth round, when Brady was sitting there with a first-round grade (supposedly) on the Colts’ draft board, Polian instead took an offensive lineman named Matt Johnson, who never played a down.