One year ago, Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick were trying to figure out ways to beat each other in the Super Bowl. Coughlin's Giants then defeated Belichick's Patriots for the second time in five seasons, reducing Belichick's lead over Coughlin in Super Bowl victories to 3-2. The two friends shared a warm embrace after the game. Now they are working together, helping their former boss Bill Parcells get voted one of the five spots in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013. The 46 board of selectors I have one of the votes will hold their annual meeting Saturday to discuss and then vote on the 15 finalists and two senior candidates. Parcells absolutely deserves to get in. Here's just one of the many arguments that should open the door to Canton: He was 2-1 against Bill Walsh in the playoffs. He beat Joe Gibbs in the NFC Championship Game. He beat Marv Levy in the Super Bowl. Walsh, Gibbs and Levy are all in the Hall of Fame. Now it's Parcells' time. I will be making the Parcells presentation to the other 45 selectors his impact on the game, I believe, makes his a very strong case and I asked the Giants and Patriots to provide comments from Coughlin and Belichick on Parcells and will incorporate them in my talk. After a bitter breakup when Belichick left the Jets for New England in 2000, Parcells and Belichick patched things up at a Hall of Fame luncheon for Harry Carson at Gallagher's in 2006 and have rekindled their friendship. They live two floors apart in the same building in Jupiter, Fla., and had dinner together the other night. Parcells and Coughlin have always maintained an excellent relationship, and Parcells left him a memorable congratulatory message after Coughlin's most recent Super Bowl. Read more: