Antonio Brown will never play for Bill Cowher, who retired as the Steelers' head coach four years before Brown's rookie season in Pittsburgh. But if he was still coaching, and if he had Brown on his team, Cowher knows how he would handle the situation. 

Cowher, a current NFL analyst for CBS Sports who served 15 seasons as Pittsburgh's head coach, was recently asked about Brown, who continues to be at the center of the NFL news cycle after forcing his way out of Pittsburgh this offseason. Over the past two weeks alone, Brown has been dominating the headlines with stories about his mysterious absences from Raiders camp, his frostbitten feet to his reported retirement threat if he would not be allowed to use his old Steelers helmet (Brown lost his appeal and will return to the Raiders this week). 

"I think we know too much [about Brown]," Cowher said during an interview with CBS Sports HQ. "I think too much was made out of [his trade from Pittsburgh]. I think every time he does something … he's a guy that likes the attention. 

"Really, I think when you talk about his play on the field, he's a very good receiver," Cowher continued. "And I think in today's transparent world, social media, he likes to see his name in the media, he likes the attention. I just think if you're coaching a guy like that, you kinda just hope he doesn't become a distraction from the standpoint of saying something to the opponents. If he's on your team, let him do his thing as long as he's out there and producing as he's getting paid to do." 

Cowher didn't hesitate with his answer when asked why the receiver position seems to be the one that creates the most self-centered football players.