Bill Cowher knows all about what it's like to go 8-8 as the Steelers did last season. Worse, he knows what 7-9 and 6-10 feel like, and the panic that can go with records like those no matter how successful his teams were previously. That panic, however, never came from within, and he predicts it won't occur this time, either, after the Steelers' worst record since Cowher's last team went 8-8 in 2006. "No. 1, there's a history with this organization; they don't panic," said Cowher, who is in town for his duties for CBS, which will broadcast the Super Bowl. "You sit back, reassess, make some hard decisions." Among those tough decisions could be to let some aging veterans go. Cowher had to do it with Hall of Famers like Rod Woodson and Dermontti Dawson, and other stars like Greg Lloyd, Carnell Lake and more. Mike Tomlin had to do it last season, and there will be more in the weeks ahead. "It's the hardest thing in coaching," Cowher said. "I know Mike, how much he appreciates the guys who are out there battling, and the Rooneys appreciate that. But you know the hardest thing in the world sometimes is making sure that you assess a player for where he's at, not for where he's been. Sometimes, we get caught up remembering how they were and not how they are. In assessing that, those are the toughest decisions you have to make."