Another Patriots game had fans talking Monday morning, but unlike last week, when they were upset over the non-penalty ruling at the end of a loss to Carolina, this time they were basking in New England’s unexpected 34-31 overtime win over Denver. The game offered no shortage of story lines to rehash, with one of the major ones being Bill Belichick’s decision at the start of overtime to put the ball in Peyton Manning’s hands and defend the north end zone. He showed faith that his defense would hold the Broncos, who were trying to score into the open end of Gillette Stadium, where wind gusts were knocking down passes and warm-up kicks. The decision worked out in New England’s favor, and during a Monday conference call, Belichick explained his logic behind a call many would consider risky. “You never want to give Peyton Manning and that offense, you never want to just hand them the ball, but I just felt in that particular situation, with the wind being as significant as it was, that we just had to stop them from getting into the end zone,” Belichick said.