Linebacker James Harrison signed with the Patriots after being released by the Steelers last weekend in a move that drew a loud and negative response from both players and fans in Pittsburgh. There hasn’t been the same fevered response to the move in New England. Coach Bill Belichick was asked if there’s anything that registers as unusual about seeing Harrison in a Patriots uniform after a long run with an AFC rival. Belichick said there wasn’t, citing the presence of a former Jets linebacker in the Patriots lineup as an example of how routine such moves are in the NFL. “I mean, look, at any team — this is the National Football League. Players change teams,” Belichick said during his press conference. “We have David Harris. I mean, this isn’t some kind of unprecedented event. That’s just not what it is. We face somebody that’s been on our team every week. We have somebody on our team that was with another team that we play against. That’s the way it is every week. This is the National Football League. We’re not talking about college now where players don’t change teams. This is professional football. It’s like that every year. It’s like that every week. It’s like that on every team. I don’t know. I don’t see it as some big historical event.”