Chargers coach Anthony Lynn knows Jets running back Bilal Powell very well. Lynn was the Jets’ running backs coach when the team drafted Powell in 2011, and Lynn spent the first four years of Powell’s career with him. Lynn called Powell “one of my favorite human beings in the National Football League” this week. “He taught me a lot of football,” Powell said. “He was a guy that played in the league for seven years, two Super Bowl rings, understands football. When I got here, man, he showed me the ropes of what it was like to be a professional.” Lynn said he thought Powell could have the long career he has had when Powell first joined the team. “No doubt about it. When we got him, we had a lot of good backs on that team,” Lynn said. “I really liked him coming out. He started kind of slow. There was some talk about maybe moving away from him early in his career. I always believed in him, his football IQ, his work ethic. We stuck with him. Thank God we did. He became a featured back for us. Right now, he’s seven years in and he’s very solid in all three phases — run, catch, blocking.” Lynn is also tight with Jets coach Todd Bowles. The two coached together in Dallas a decade ago.