Lions quarterback James Franklin, who is 6-feet-2, had just stepped off the podium after speaking with reporters Sunday. Then offensive tackle Cornelius Lucas stepped up, and suddenly the microphone seemed to disappear. Lucas is 6-9 and 328 pounds. He nearly had to double over to speak into the mike before someone adjusted it for him. But that was the most physical strain Lucas endured during a three-day minicamp for rookies. He’s recovering from surgery after suffering a stress fracture in his left foot two weeks before the NFL combine in February. He mostly watched from the sideline at minicamp while Central Michigan’s Jake Olson took his place on the field. “We’ve seen film on him,” coach Jim Caldwell said. “We know what he’s capable of doing. We know that, obviously, he’s got a great upside because of his length and size. “He’s a smart guy, he’s a willing worker, and he’s really one of those guys that over the years you’re going to see some development and positive development.” The old saying in football is that you can’t coach size. But being a giant isn’t always ideal, and there was a reason Lucas was an undrafted free agent from Kansas State. “Being as tall as me, the pros are definitely my length as in pass blocking,” Lucas said. “And also with my height, I’m just a bigger guy, so it’s easier to run-block guys and stuff like that.”