Greg Olson knows how to use his weapons at the running back position. His former teams had the likes of Maurice Jones-Drew, LaGarrette Blount, and Stephen Jackson. Now he has two weapons in Oakland in the form of Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece and he intends to utilize both of them to their fullest. Olson realizes McFadden and Reece are premium weapons who had both been used improperly last season and the Raiders offense stagnated because of it. He intends to change that. "Marcel Reece is a different kind of a fullback, so what does he do well and how can we get him involved in some of the matchups that will create problems for defenses?" Olson told reporters Wednesday. "Darren McFadden... is a downhill runner. So we'll get back to some of the gap scheme and the things he does well." McFadden is the feature back in this offense and therefore getting him back to the form that had him rush for 1157 yards in 2010 and average 5.4 yards per carry in 2011 is job one. "Based on the 11 players that were predominant starters last year and knowing the type of tailback and type of quarterback if you're talking about Carson Palmer as the starter and Darren McFadden as your tailback. To me, Carson is a pocket passer. So you're looking at heavy play action, push the ball down the field that way and you're looking at tailoring some of the gap scheme stuff for Darren McFadden where he's able to hit the ball going downhill. Those two go hand in hand, the downhill gap scheme and the hard sell play action to me fit those players if those are the players we're looking at."