This is the dream time. This is the part of the calendar when you imagine all the best-case scenarios because if you don’t now — every team at 0-0 — when will you? So the Mets and their fans are busy dreaming, particularly about their young pitching, notably about Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. Imagining them as near-future Nos. 1-2 in a stacked young rotation with Jon Niese behind them, and some combination of Dillon Gee, Cory Mazzoni, Rafael Montero, Noah Syndegaard, Hansel Robles and Darin Gorski filling out the starting five. This is the time of year when all the prospects will reach their ceilings, when there is a whitewash on logic, an ignoring of history that screams this warning: Dreams hardly ever honor the script. This is the most encouraged the Mets have been about their young arms since the mid-1990s. Going into the 1995 season, they had three of the top 15 pitching prospects in the sport, according to Baseball America. This was Generation K. This was Bill Pulsipher and Paul Wilson and Jason Isringhausen, and the promise of Doc and Darling and Sid Fernandez redux.