Jason Hanson never kicked a field goal to win a Super Bowl. But don't tell him he has never made a big kick. Hanson made 495 field goals in his 21-year career as a Detroit Lions kicker. But none was more important than the 48-yarder he made in overtime to beat Chicago, 23-20, at Ford Field on Oct. 20, 2002. That's because making the kick allowed Hanson to see the birth of Luke, the youngest of his three children. Hanson's wife, Kathleen, was on bed rest and living near family in Spokane, Wash. A Caesarean section was scheduled for Oct. 21. The only flight Hanson could get out of Detroit was at 6 p.m. Oct. 20. No problem for a 1 p.m. kickoff, right? "As long as game ended and I ran out, I was going to catch the flight and get home," Hanson said. "And the only way I was going to miss my flight to see my kid being born is if we went into overtime or something. And we go into overtime." Hanson caught two huge breaks. The Lions won the OT coin toss and got the ball at their 40-yard line after Paul Edinger sent the ball out of bounds at the 2 on his kickoff.