After not responding to questions earlier in the week, an attorney for University of Kansas men’s basketball player Josh Jackson released a statement Friday night. Scott Boatman, a Denver attorney, was responding to a report in The Star about correspondence Jackson’s local attorney had with the father of a KU women’s basketball player after her car was vandalized in early December. Tim Calvert told The Star that attorney Hatem Chahine offered him restitution if he agreed not to seek vandalism charges against Jackson. Calvert said the restitution came with stipulations and he did not agree. “It is unfortunate that Mr. Calvert is single-handedly creating a narrative that is not accurate,” Boatman said in the statement, not elaborating on what was inaccurate about the report. “It is clear that he is frustrated with several parties and with matters unrelated to Josh, yet he continues to manipulate the facts as it relates to a good faith offer of restitution. Mr. Calvert specifically requested that we discuss restitution with his attorney and we complied with his request.” The Star sent numerous questions to Boatman and Chahine earlier in the week, detailing what Calvert had said and asking for comment, and they did not address those questions.