Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby stated the obvious when he asserted the college football landscape isn't exactly an example of competitive fairness.

In an interview on CBS Sports HQ, Bowlsby discussed how universities are at the mercy of local governments to some extent when it comes to resuming sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The absence of uniform standards across Division I could then put some schools at an advantage.

Bowlsby commented that that wouldn't represent much of a departure from the status quo (via's Ben Kercheval):

"We're used to having what we have euphemistically called a level playing field or competitive fairness. I think we all know some campuses have advantages, some university towns have advantages. Some regions have better recruiting than others. So [competitive equality] is largely a mirage. We all like to do the same things so we have a fair chance to compete. And this is a situation where we're just not always going to be able to do that. To the extent that we have an institution or a couple of institutions that can't start on time or perhaps have a disruption during the course of the season, we'll just have to deal with those things."