Kevin Bieksa was a finance major and knows money and the value it represents. He also values loyalty and the degree that has been afforded by the Vancouver Canucks appears to be making one postseason discussion moot. The unrestricted free agent is expected sign a contract extension with the Presidents' Trophy winners because his play has dictated that consideration. And he's willing take a discount, too. That's not music to the ears of any agent and Kurt Overhardt refused to discuss contract negotiations because Bieksa would fetch more on the open market. But the blueliner didn't sound like that's the road he wants to travel because less money may mean more long-term happiness and success. "I think everybody takes less to be play here," the 30-year-old Bieksa said Friday. "It's such a great organization that you want to be here. It's the culture. It's like Detroit. If you want to win, you take less. It's a great team and a great one for a long time and you want to be a part of that. The bonus is the core guys I've grown up and the strong friendships. That factors into the decision-making process. "There's no need to draw anything out. I'm pretty optimistic we can reach an agreement."