Jabrill Peppers is one of the most talked about players in college football and is headed to New York as a Heisman Trophy finalist, but is it possible he’s not as good as advertised? In his weekly scouting notebook, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller passed along a fascinating quote on the topic from an NFL director of college scouting. “You’re going to draft a safety with a lucky interception in the top 10? We get fired for mistakes like that.” Miller went on to say the general “sense” he is getting back from people around the NFL regarding Peppers is that he is “more hype than substance.” The interception the director of college scouting refers to is Peppers’ lone college interception, and it was pretty darn lucky. Yes, it took some pretty impressive athleticism to reel in the tipped pass, but by no means did Peppers make an instinctive break on the ball to pick off the pass. And that’s just it. When you’re looking at Peppers’ overall body of work, it’s his insane athletic abilities that jump out at you, not necessarily anything having to to with football. He can run like the wind, has some incredible wiggle and instincts running with the ball in space and was used at almost every conceivable position besides offensive/defensive line this past year at Michigan.