The tone of this week's round of awards is a lot different after the loss to the Utah Jazz. Thunder were doing very spectacular things against very unspectacular teams this past week. We will hit on the overall performance of the team from the past week a little later but we start this week where we always start. Buffy Summers Award (Team MVP) - Russell Westbrook The emotional Thunder point guard earned Western Conference Player of the Week honors as he averaged 21.25 points, 3 rebounds, and 5.5 assists. You know what was really interesting when looking back at Westbrook's stats? He has made exactly 8 field goals in his last five games. Pretty sure that has no deeper meaning or insight into his game. But it is odd, right? Tom Haverford Award (Best Supporting Player) - Thabo Sefolosha Does dropping 18 and 20 points in back to back games really count when it comes vs. the Suns? Answer is yes if you are Sefolosha. In the two games vs. the Suns this week Thabo went 9-13 from the three point line. That is the best way for Sefolosha to contribute to the Thunder's offense. In this offense being able to hit spot up threes is huge for Sefolosha.