Today’s meeting for the NHL’s Board of Governors was eventful, though mainly in giving Gary Bettman a chance to clear the air on some key expansion/relocation issues. The sexiest update was the latest green light for the Seattle expansion team process. Yes, it’s still early, but Bettman’s update can mostly be described as highly promising. Read about that here. That wasn’t the only crucial story illuminated by the league’s commissioner on Thursday, though. Bettman touched on an array of questions, with some promising updates for fans of the Hurricanes, particularly ones crossing their fingers that the team will stay in Carolina. As reports, the Hurricanes have entered a purchasing agreement where Tom Dundon would become the majority owner while Peter Karmanos would still maintain an equity stake. If you want to go deeper on those issues (hey, you be you), Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman crosses some t’s and dots some lower-cased j’s for you here and here. The rest of us will just move along, much like a confused Calculus class not asking for clarification at the end of a lesson few of us absorbed. (Aside: Pierre LeBrun’s explanation makes more sense/was less worthy of a GIF from “The Hangover” trilogy.) Now, Dundon is a Dallas-based businessman, which drummed up some speculation that maybe the Hurricanes would move to Houston at some point as part of this deal. Every now and then, Bettman comes up with some real gems, particularly when he’s a little steamed. He did so tonight in calling relocation rumors “wrong, wrong, wrong.”