The Baltimore Ravens are a team known around the NFL for drafting well but for some reason they have had a big problem drafting wide receivers. The drafting of Torrey Smith changed all that when the team used the 58th overall selection on him in 2011. On the other hand the Ravens have had much success in drafting running backs over the years as they have landed players such as Priest Holmes and Jamal Lewis via the NFL draft. They continued that trend in 2008 when the draft , now All-Pro running back Ray Rice with the 55th pick overall in the second round. So the question is, who was the better second round pick for the team, Rice or Smith? Of course, at this stage of his their careers Rice is the much more accomplished player, having been voted to the Pro-Bowl multiple times and also consistently leading the NFL in total yards. However when you look at the need the Ravens have had over the years at the wide receiver position, Torrey Smith may have had a bigger impact on the offense as a whole.