Injured Cardinals first baseman Lance Berkman took his left leg for a test drive Friday evening and he discovered he wasn't ready to hit the open road yet. When Berkman, on the disabled list with a strained left calf, tried to escalate from jogging to more of a sprint, he felt some residual tightness, and the plan now is for him not to try to run again until the team gets to Arizona on Monday. Berkman wasn't hurt as badly as the crutches he was brandishing for a comedic prop, but he was limping a bit after his workout. "It didn't go as well as I wanted it to," said Berkman, who ran under the eye of trainer Greg Hauck. "It's more tight than painful, but it's also a little sore. "But I want to get where I can't feel it at all, and that's where it needs to get. It's not there yet." When he was with Houston in 2009, Berkman had had a similar issue with his left leg and was on the disabled list for 21 days. "In the back of my mind, I was thinking that was a possibility (this time) but I was hoping it wouldn't take that long," he said. Berkman, who has had only 23 at-bats this season, said he wasn't so much disappointed as "frustrated. I want to be out there but, at the same time, now that we've gone this far, we've got be sure it's perfect before I come back."