Cleveland Browns wide receiver Travis Benjamin has not only embraced his role on offense but that of special-teams returner as well. BEREA Ohio -- Last season’s 30-7 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs at then-Cleveland Browns Stadium on Dec. 9 served as a changing of the guard for the Browns’ special-teams unit. With the Browns trailing the Chiefs 7-3 at the start of the second quarter rookie wide receiver Travis Benjamin rushed onto the field and returned a punt a team-record 93 yards for a touchdown a play that proved to be a catalyst in the victory. Now Benjamin looks forward to carving his own niche on special teams. “I’m very excited knowing that I’ve got the punt-return job” Benjamin said. “The kick-return job is still in the air. We’re just competing every day to fill in that role. “This is the NFL. Guys come and guys go. Josh (Cribbs) was a great person and a great mentor to me. He taught me a lot of things. I can just go into this upcoming season and just fill in the shoes where he left off. I always taught myself to get better at things learn from Josh the things that he taught me and I’m just ready to go back there and field punts.” Benjamin returned only three punts in 2012 but all were big plays for the Browns. In addition to the touchdown he returned a punt 40 yards at Baltimore on Sept. 27 and had a 16-yard run back in a 20-14 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov. 25. The 40-yarder against the Ravens led to a Browns field goal. The 5-foot-10 175-pound Benjamin also returned three kickoffs for a total of 76 yards as a rookie. “We have great special teams” Benjamin said. “Cleveland’s special teams have been great all these years so I’ve got the ability to be one of the top returners. “The ball is just a ball. It’s just like the quarterback throwing it to you. You just look it in and catch it. If you’re a great kicker you can make the ball come off your foot a knuckleball not spinning. It just depends but you’ve got to look the ball in.”