The Cincinnati Bengals stood pat yesterday amidst all the movement near the top of the NFL Draft that saw the San Francisco 49ers jump up to No. 3 and the Philadelphia Eagles drop down to No. 12, while the Miami Dolphins ended up at No. 6 after a day of wheeling and dealing. The Bengals did nothing, which was expected. All of the trades yesterday were primarily about the Niners needing to jump all the way up to get their quarterback of choice, and while the Bengals have a lot of holes to patch on the roster, quarterback certainly is not one of them after Joe Burrow showed a lot of potential in his rookie season before tearing his ACL.

The widely-held view is that the Bengals will invest in their offensive line with the No. 5 overall pick. Burrow had no room to breathe in his first NFL season, getting sacked 32 times in 2020 (10th in the NFL) despite only playing nine and a half games. This year's draft has one premier line prospect by the name of Penei Sewell and Cincinnati has a very good chance of landing him with the way the top of the draft is projected to play out after Friday; the Jaguars and Niners are definitely picking quarterbacks, while the Jets and Falcons appear to be heavily leaning that way. There is a real chance the draft actually starts at No. 5 with the Bengals on the clock and their pick of any non-quarterback prospect they desire.