With the NFL talking about expansion to Europe, NFLPA Cincinnati Bengals team representative Andrew Whitworth wasn't afraid to let it be known that persuading players to make the jump might be one in a long line of hurdles. If he landed on a team that moved to London, he knows exactly what he'd do. "I would hope that I was financially able to quit," said Whitworth, a 2012 Pro Bowl offensive tackle. "That's what I would hope, because if I was, my papers would be the first one in." So, Whitworth's intentions are clear. As the most connected player on the team regarding the pulse of the players association, he sounded confident he'd be far from alone. "I don't see that a lot of guys would want to do that," he said. "I don't see any players that would enjoy that. Sure, you may find a handful of guys that say, 'Oh, hey, that'd be cool,' but the rest of them wouldn't."