Sunday set up as the perfect storm of apathy. The Bengals came off back-to-back blowouts against Chicago and Minnesota in a season deemed dead before that. The FOX affiliate in nearby Lexington opted for Falcons-Saints instead of the nearby Bengals. The head coach is on his way out of town. Christmas Eve time with families called and the weather dipped into the 30s with rain and snow in the forecast. The question wasn’t why fans didn’t come, rather, why would they? A disenchanted Cincinnati fan base responded in kind. Empty lots surrounded the stadium during pre-game tailgate time. Banks of empty seats covered the upper decks of Paul Brown Stadium. Tickets could be acquired on StubHub for $9 pregame, one quarter of the cheapest face value. This after hundreds upon hundreds of tickets were given away over the previous weeks. The tickets distributed total ended up at 47,792. That’s the smallest crowd at PBS since Christmas Eve of 2011. In reality, the total number of butts in the cold seats probably hovered around 70 percent of that, a decent portion wearing light blue. “The first thing you notice is when we are about to go out for the game, you see all the empty seats,” linebacker Vinny Rey said. “It’s like, man, there are a lot of empty seats.”