Some of us just live different lives than others. For Brian Callahan, being the son of Bill Callahan, current offensive line coach in Washington, he grew up in the football world.

He hung around Raiders training camp while in high school. He sat in on meetings with Jon Gruden then played quarterback during some drills.

Two future Hall of Famers ran the routes.

“I threw passes to Jerry Rice and Tim Brown as a 15-year-old in training camp,” Callahan said. “I would work in training camp, and it was really cool.”

I’ll say. When I was 15, I thought convincing my bosses to let me corral carts instead of bag at Kroger was cool. I was, obviously, very wrong.  

Point being, experience comes in all shapes and sizes.

Zac Taylor’s dad was a coach. His whole family, even the one he married into with his wife, Sarah, is littered with football coaches. In college, he sat in front of what seemed like the entire state of football-crazed Nebraska explaining how to lead his team at quarterback.