Moving forward to focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers for a Monday night game wouldn’t be a difficult task anyway. But doing so after the disappointment of the Chicago opener makes it even easier for the Bengals. Going through the film again reminded the team of how easily that game could have – and should have in their minds – been won. They only know one way to rebound efficiently and move forward. “You look at it mistakes you made and you correct them” defensive end Michael Johnson said. “That’s what we did (Wednesday). We looked at some stuff and made some corrections. We’ve moved on and the goal is to be even better and not let stuff like that slow us down. That slowed us down last year.” Last year the Bengals started the season 3-5 before making their 7-1 playoff push. Any game whether an October loss to Miami or December defeat against Dallas could have given the Bengals the AFC North title. Urgency to avoid digging out of another hole came out of the aftermath of the opener. “I’m still mad I’m sure a lot of guys are the lingering effects from the last game” center Kyle Cook said. “We kicked ourselves in the foot. ... You don’t want to look back in December and say ‘God I can’t believe that one got away from us. We just needed one more.’ So every game is a must-win because in the end it always turns out that one bites you.” Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer admitted his defense did a number of “boneheaded things” in the second half. Of course the team can point to a number of those moments while digesting the loss. The bright side of all the mental and composure errors was how correctable they are. Johnson hopes understanding repercussions of mental lapses will catapult the team entering a trying stretch of the schedule.