Modesty is always a good trait to have. It’s also a characteristic that is getting rarer and rarer with each passing generation of professional athletes. To say one thing, A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals hasn’t lost that trait since becoming a pro football player. In the last two years, Green has had over 2400 receiving yards, 18 total touchdowns, and is averaging 77.6 receiving yards per game with 14.9 per play on 162 receptions. Not to mention the intangibles he brings to the team. The opposing defense has to specifically account for Green’s presence on the field, an influence not many receivers can say they hold. As a deep target, he has speed over the top, and can catch just about anything in reach. As a short and mid range target, he shows off his athleticism via sharp route running and exceptional acceleration from the line of scrimmage. You know, the kind of things that statistics can’t tell you.