Considering their own battle with NBA owners, you can imagine many basketball players watched with great interest the developments from the NFL on Friday. NFL players decided to decertify their union, and the owners proceeded to institute a lockout that brings league operations to a halt. (So football Sundays could be in serious jeopardy come fall.) The NFL's labor issues mirror the NBA's, with its current collective bargaining agreement set to expire June 30. NBA players expect a lockout to follow with owners tossing around terms such as "hard salary cap" and "viable economic model." So with that in mind, Pistons big man Ben Wallace said Friday that the players are preparing for the worse. "We already thinking about that -- our situation," Wallace said after the Pistons' loss to the Thunder. "It's one thing for you to go through it, while it's different when you see somebody else go through it. "You know whether you are prepared or not, so you just hope those guys are prepared for it. I've already been through one lockout, so I know pretty much what to expect." Wallace was still a relative unknown during the NBA lockout of 1999, but it makes for similar situations in 2011.