It has been nearly two months since the Philadelphia 76ers' season ended at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks. Nearly two months since Ben Simmons infamously passed up a wide-open layup that could have turned the tide of of the game. Nearly two months since Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid kinda sorta threw Simmons under the bus for not taking that shot.

Simmons remains a member of the organization, but not due to lack of trying on the front office's part. The former No. 1 overall pick has been at the center of the trade rumor mill throughout the offseason. Philly has been actively searching for a trade partner, but the biggest holdup is what they're demanding in return. Daryl Morey wants a James Harden-sized package for the Sixers' star point guard, and he has yet to find one. He probably will never find one, not this offseason anyway. Simmons' value has never been lower than it is right now and everybody knows it.

Simmons himself doesn't appear to be helping the cause. Sixers reporter Jason Dumars said a few weeks ago that he's cut off all contact with team officials (which team sources denied to fellow Sixers reporter Kyle Neubeck). Then Kendrick Perkins went on TV yesterday to say that Simmons is so determined to get the hell out of dodge that he's willing to hold out from training camp to make sure he gets his wish.