When Ben Simmons was selected first overall in the 2016 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers, he was automatically slated to make $5.9 million in his first year as a professional basketball player thanks to how NBA rookie contracts are structured. Simmons will make nearly $20 million over the course of his three-year rookie deal, and that doesn’t include any of his endorsement money that could easily exceed his NBA salary. The point is, that’s a lot of money for someone in their early-twenties. You’re bound to make a poor purchase or several, and Ben Simmons did exactly that. Simmons was a guest on Maverick Carter’s show, Kneading Dough, which Carter hosts on The Undefeated. Carter’s show is all about professional athletes earning their first big paycheck, and Ben Simmons’ advice for anyone in his shoes is simple: don’t buy expensive cats.