The Atlanta Hawks eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night. It was an incredible accomplishment for the Hawks who went 20-47 last season and were not even invited to Orlando. However, the big story this morning is Ben Simmons, the 76ers, and specifically, what the hell happens there.

Simmons is broken. We've known there was something wrong for a while now, but his problems are too glaring to ignore and too serious for the Sixers - or any team - to think they can win a title with him. He's clearly lost the Sixers locker room with the coach and best player giving honest assessments after the game. First with Joel Embiid pointing to Simmons passing up a dunk as the turning point of the game.

Then with Doc Rivers saying he doesn't know if Simmons can be the point guard on a championship team.

There were always questions about whether Simmons and Embiid could play together, but that was about fit. There doesn't seem to be any fit for Simmons right now. With a bad shooter you can work on his shot. Simmons won't shoot. It's like he needs a sports psychologist. Simmons is like basketball's Chuck Knoblauch, only if Knoblauch made it to the majors without ever even attempting to throw the ball to first.