Brooklyn Nets point forward Ben Simmons sounded off against the whistle after fouling out for the second time in three games during his team's 134-124 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday.

Simmons made contact while defending Memphis guard Ja Morant with 3:52 left in the contest. Morant let the ball roll up the court, a tactic used to stall time because the shot clock doesn't start until a player touches the ball after the inbound.

"It wasn't a foul," Simmons said postgame according to ESPN's Nick Friedell. "(The referee) called it a foul, made a mistake, it is what it is. ... it's not a foul, but it was bullshit. It's frustrating because it's late game, fourth quarter, it's a physical, close game. It's the NBA. It's not college. It's not high school. Some people are going to get hit, some people bleed; it's basketball."

Morant explained afterward he learned the play from Simmons during his rookie campaign in 2019-2020.