Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has often said he's not a stat-based quarterback. He wants to be measured on wins. He's said he wants to go down as the quarterback who won the most Super Bowls. Whether that's a direct suggestion he's flexible with his contract or just well-spoke hyperbole is a matter of conjecture, but the reality is he's the guy on the team making the most money, therefore, he's in the highest position of control to help make those Super Bowls happen through his assistance with the salary cap. From the team's perspective, at least. Everything comes with a cost. The Baltimore Ravens are going to find out how to navigate through the salary cap waters with an expensive quarterback for the first time in franchise history. Joe Flacco's contract negotiations will be watched by other decorated passers in the league, such as Atlanta's Matt Ryan, Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and, of course, Roethlisberger. The Steelers are well over the projected $121.1 million salary cap now, and Roethlisberger is at a career-high cap number of $19 million. That was largely put together last season for the sake of sparing cap space to keep a veteran group in place the team thought would be talented enough to contend for a Super Bowl. Whatever the main reason was behind why that didn't work, the fact is the Steelers are well over the salary cap, and that's a tough pill to swallow considering the people writing those checks witnessed an 8-8 team this season.