Ben Roethlisberger's body language strongly suggested he'd have stood there all day.

He'd just come off the field at the Rooney Complex Tuesday afternoon, following the Steelers' first open session of OTAs, his expression light, his chin up, palpably prepared as he headed directly into the dozen-thick bank of cameras and microphones at the sideline. And with each question, each answer, he'd glance around the pack as if to plead for more.

Reading between the lines didn't feel all that difficult: This was a one-and-done. Ask about Antonio Brown now. Ask about all the accusations, from AB, from the national media, from anyone at all, but do it now.

So, off we all went, firing away ...

• On how much he took the criticism to heart: "As professional athletes, we always talk about thick skin. Naturally, we have to have it to do what we do and deal with all the things we have to deal with, from media to fans to opposing stadiums, all those things. But I’d be lying if we didn’t say it doesn’t bother us at times. So much ... it does start to hurt. When it affects your family, then it can definitely affect you. Things bother you. You think about it. But you also have to understand that we live in an amazing country, people have opinions and can say what they want. You just have to really focus on the guys that are here and just make sure that they're good.”