Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham said Wednesday that Buccaneers cornerback Vernon Hargreaves told him after last Sunday’s game that the defense knew what plays the Giants were going to run during the 25-23 Bucs win. Predictability was a criticism of the Giants offense last year and Beckham’s comment was seen by some as a sign that the unit remains predictable in 2017. On Thursday, Giants coach and offensive play caller Ben McAdoo took a different view. “Your interpretation of what Odell said and mine are entirely different,” McAdoo said, via “Teams do a good job scouting the opponent. That’s a part of gamesmanship. We have things to counteract it, and it paid off for us in the game. Every defensive back thinks they know what you’re running until they don’t. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the game.” The Giants gained 379 yards in the game and Beckham was able to beat Hargreaves for a season-high 42-yard gain during the game, which would seem to back up McAdoo’s feeling that the Giants’ execution is more important than the opponent’s read on what’s coming their way.