Giants head coach Ben McAdoo broke from his usual routine and spoke to reporters after practice Thursday to address an ESPN report citing two anonymous players who blasted the coach and said he has lost the locker room. Here is a transcript of McAdoo's comments as came off the practice field: How do you respond to the comments Wednesday? "First things first, I have an open-door policy. Any player who has anything to say is welcome to come in the front door and talk. I've had a couple of those conversations over the last couple of weeks and I welcome those conversations. "The next thing is pretty simple. It's hard to help a player when they don't put their name on a quote. So, if they need some help, come see me. I'm the guy who can help them. "On the first day of training camp, we get together and I talk about the difference between bitching and complaining. There's a difference for me. Nobody wants to be around a constant complainer. That doesn't help the team, that doesn't help the chemistry. That doesn't help anything get any better. But each player maybe has a bitch, and if you have a bitch, I can understand that. Because if you don't, I'm not doing it right." Is it an affront to you? "I don't take things personal in this business. Everything I'm focused on is trying to put these guys in a position to be successful and put them in a position to win a game this week."