You can't sugarcoat it — Ben Gordon is one game away from completing the worse season of his career. This follows the second-worst season of his career. Yet these are the first two seasons of the five-year, $55-million deal he signed with the Pistons in the summer of 2009. Gordon, 28, said Monday before the home finale against the Cavs that he is confident when a degree of normalcy returns to the Pistons franchise he will get back to the high-scoring ways that attracted the Pistons when he was a free agent. "People don't understand that this has never happened ever," Gordon said. "I'm just going to be ready to come back and return to what I'm doing at a high level. "And I'm looking forward to doing it." Gordon is averaging 11.3 points per game, with his last 20-point game coming on Feb. 2. He averaged 13.8 points last season after averaging 20.7 points his last season in Chicago in 2008-09.