Adrian Beltre said believes that the Texas Rangers' roster is good enough to compete in 2018, but the third baseman said on his first day of spring training that he would like to see general manager Jon Daniels continue to add to the roster. "There are still a lot of free agents out there," Beltre said. "Obviously, we'd like to have the best team we can have." In a wide-sweeping group interview, Beltre said that he is healthy entering camp, which he wasn't last season, and that he wants to continue playing this season, his 21st. "I'm assuming that, but I don't know," Beltre said. "Things can change." He'd like to keep playing for the Rangers, who he said have been nothing but terrific to him since signing in 2011, but he can be a free agent after the season. Beltre is making $18 million in 2018 and said that he is willing to defer some of that money if it gives the Rangers enough financial flexibility to add to the roster. Beltre mentioned outfielder J.D. Martinez as one of the free agents still available. The Rangers' only position opening is left field, but Daniels said throughout the off-season that the Rangers weren't all-in and that they wanted to see young players in the system get opportunities. According to Beltre, Daniels was frank with him when they talked during the off-season.