There's such a thing as playing at a higher level when one gets to the postseason. Then there's Carlos Beltran's plateau. The switch-hitting Cardinals right fielder's two homers on Monday in a 12-4 National League division series win against Washington reinforced his position as the top home run hitter, for percentage, in postseason history. In just 115 postseason plate appearances, most of them against the Cardinals when he played for Houston in 2004 and New York in 2006, Beltran has 13 home runs, again most of them (seven) against the Cardinals. He has homered every 8.5 plate appearances. As a barometer, Babe Ruth homered once every 11.3 plate appearances, though all in the World Series. And fellow New York Yankees Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig homered once every 15 such appearances. Beltran is not unappreciative of his company. "It feels great," he said Tuesday at Nationals Park after a workout. "I have respect for all those guys. ... They played for many years and they were in the postseason for many more years than me." Spurning advances from Cleveland and Tampa Bay last offseason, Beltran, one of the few players in the Cardinals' clubhouse who doesn't have a World Series championship ring, signed on for a two-year run at a World Series title with the Cardinals.