This might mean something. This might mean nothing. But when the Giants and Brandon Belt exchanged arbitration figures, the Giants were from Mars and Brandon Belt was from Venus. That is, they had different ideas of how things should go. Jeff Passan had the first word: That's a pretty substantial gap, especially since Belt is a super-two player. That means after his 2014 salary, he'll get three more raises. It's kind of a big deal if those raises start at $2.05 million instead of $3.6 million. The Giants wouldn't just pay $1.55 million more in 2014; they'd pay more in 2015, 2016, and 2017, too. On Belt's side are the advanced stats. By WAR, Belt was as valuable as Joey Votto was in his first three years in the league. Also, Daric Barton, but Belt's side probably isn't going to bring that up. On the Giants' side are slumpy shoulders and misaligned knuckles. And probably RBI. Maybe some choice quotes from a Farmer's Almanac about tides.